To Call Or to Text a Girl?

At last, you had got the phone number of that cute girl you like. That’s great! But now it’s time to call that girl and ask her for a date. You are getting really nervous. You are trying to figure out all the ways your conversation may follow. Your blood rate raises, your pulse increases. You are struggling with the nervousness and anxiety, the fear of rejection, but obviously it’s very hard to overcome all these feelings. So you decide that that’s enough and it would be better to send her a message (via phone, Facebook, etc.) instead of dialing her number and talking to her using your voice directly. I ask you – don’t do that, don’t text her. Please.

Let me explain.

Actually, every girl waits for a call. You can’t text her eternally. So why not to just call her and skip that unnecessary and unclear “text period” of your relationships, which haven’t even started yet?

If you send her a message instead of making a call, the girl may consider you as a shy guy. Well, being shy is OK, in general. But is that what you really want? I think you better choose to position yourself as a confident person from the beginning. So put your brand new high-tech phone in your arm, dial her number and talk to her.

Texting isn’t the best way of asking a girl for a date. Imagine you’ve sent a message. What can happen next? – She can reply immediately, – you say. That’s perfect. But what if she doesn’t answer you? And that is the biggest disadvantage of this method. You wait for her answer and your thoughts are roaming around, making you nervous. It’s unclear, (1) whether she has got your message at all, (2) whether she made up her mind already or is she still thinking, (3) probably she has already rejected your invitation and you shouldn’t hope for anything. Also she can find your message very late, when your invitation is out of date already. Or she was busy when the message came – she had even read it, but then she simply forgot to answer. Or even (if you text her via phone): she is too tight with her phone account and doesn’t have money to answer – and waits you to call her! Too much guesses.

And the short phone conversation solves all these problems actually immediately. It’s the matter of 1-2 minutes. Literally! And that’s true – there’s no need to chat for all day long. Just “Hello! How are you doing?” and “Let’s meet around on Saturday at 18:00″ – that’s all you need to say to make everything clear.

Let me tell you my fresh example. I had to call a girl and invite her for a dinner not so long time ago either. I had gone through all these uncomfortable states and feelings you’re probably experiencing right now. But I had phoned her at last. Though my invitation was rejected it was still better than to send a message and get lost in doubts, what her decision would be.

If you are still hesitating, just read a couple of the following discussions, I’ve found around the Internet.

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Call her now.

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December 23th, 2011

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