A Fun Time Was Had At The Coldplay Concert In Warsaw, September 19th, 2012

In October, 2011, Coldplay released their new album called “Mylo Xyloto”. As a long-standing fan, I couldn’t help it. I had to go to one of their concerts… and I did!

The closest city to me that they were playing in was Warsaw. I’ve been to Poland before – went in 2009 for a U2 concert… notice the theme here? :-) The last time I went to Warsaw, I spent four hours, waiting for my train. This time I took the opportunity to visit the country’s capital and stayed three nights.

If you’re looking to have a little fun in Warsaw, read over my travel notes. You’ll definitely find them interesting.

The Warsaw Old Town Quarter – The Old Town Quarter is a must-see for Warsaw tourists, with incredible history. It’s got an amazing atmosphere for the old streets of Warsaw.

The Warsaw Old Town Quarter

Do you like handmade eateries and sweets? Consider visting the small shop of handmade candies.

The Palace of Culture and Science – The huge building standing in the center of the capital is the Palace of Culture and Science.

The building, which took three years to compeltely erect and was finished in 1955, was dedicated to the people of Poland from the people of the USSR. In 1967, the Rolling Stones held a concert here followed by Leonard Cohen in 1985. Several sculptures located around the building, which represent education and labor.

I also took the opportunity to see the viewing terrace, which is located on the 30th floor and cost about $7 dollars (or 20 zlots). A woman operates the lift to take people up and down all day.

In 1956, a rash of suicides took place, with several folks jumping from the viewing terrace. After that incident, the terrace had grilles constructed onto it.

Coldplay at Narodowy Stadium

I got to the stadium between five and six p.m. While the gate (brama) on the ticket said five, just two gates were opened. Thus, I spent some time walking around the stadium, trying to find the entrance – in the rain and cold. However, I got warmed up thanks to the coffee (kawa) being sold inside the stadium.

Coldplay was scheduled to begin playing at 9 p.m. Every concert-goer has to be outfitted with a bracelet, which consisted of small scheme inside of a plastic container and small lamps in cuff. My guess is that a radio signal is sent to activate the lamps when required.

In Poland, it gets dark pretty early – 7 p.m. is considered twilight. At 8 p.m., it’s considered night. So, when the show began, it was certainly dark enough to produce a marvelous atmosphere that included light bracelets, fireworks and lasers… as well as sound!

The band’s frontman Chris Martin started with the phrase “Dobry wieczor” (Good evening in Polish), It was met with tons of loud applauds.

“Yellow” with huge balloons thrown in the Golden Circle (fan-zone) area:

The concert ended on the song “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”.

The concert lasted for two hours, leaving me with some great lifetime memories. I hope I’ll get to see them again soon!

Are there any places or events you’ve been dreaming about but were afraid to go and enjoy them alone? Does it really matter if you don’t have friends to join in on the fun with you? Even if you’re alone, you can still feel connected to the folks around you when it comes to social events like a music concert. Trust me: you won’t feel alone when thousands of other folks surround you, enjoying the music and sharing positive emotions.

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