The Benefit of Fear

In the article “Forming Intentions” Steve Pavlina suggests to immerse yourself in something that you are afraid of, as it gives you much clearer understanding of what you want in your life.

Actually I’ve been to such situations before, but now I’d like to tell about an experience I had not so long time ago.

In March I was going to take a trip to Spain, Madrid. Everything was planned out. There was nothing to worry about, except one thing: I had to take an airplane flight to get to the destination.

Never before in my life had I flown by plane. Over years of hearing of crashed planes on TV fear of going by plane only grew bigger. However, I knew that the day when I’d have to board a plane would eventually come.

During the first takeoff I was scared to death. Well, of course, I calmed down when the airplane had gained altitude. But still I couldn’t relax until landing.

Nevertheless, the high degree of stress, I had experienced during the flight, made me think of what was really important to me, with no noise of unnecessary thoughts. My life intentions were clear as never. In spite of all the negative feelings I had about that flight, now I am thankful to it, because those couple hours in the sky helped me better understand what I really want from life.

Whenever you feel that your goals don’t suit you anymore or you’re losing the motivation to follow them – look for a way to experience some strong emotions of fear as it can really help you to find your true path again.

PS: I like the narrow streets of Madrid :-)

narrow streets of madrid

May 6th, 2012

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