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9 Worst Tips for Moving Out of Your Parents House

Writing this article I assume that you actually want to move out from your parents. If you don’t, I hope this post will make you think again.

Many of us struggle deciding Should I stay or Should I go? The less risky a person is, the harder it is to make the final decision. You may bounce back and forth between two decisions endlessly.

Eventually, you may prefer to stay at parents home “for a little while more”.


That is wrong decision, of course.

My opinion is dogmatic, because moving out is really a must-be-taken step on your path from childhood to adulthood.

Leaving the nest is important for improving your social skills and life skills overall.

Perhaps, today we rely on Google too much in terms of decision-making. We browse social networks and forums relying on other people’s views. Sometimes it helps.

However, some tips for moving out of your parents house you may find in www do not help. Instead, they may turn off you from the crucial adult decision you are about to make.

Some tips you may encounter on the Internet, some you may receive from your off-line environment. All of them do more harm than good.

Here they are: Continue reading 9 Worst Tips for Moving Out of Your Parents House

6 Ways to Manage and Mitigate Depersonalization and Derealization

Depersonalization and derealization are unhealthy patterns of thought that result in feeling like you’ve lost your personhood or humanity, failing to recognize the humanity in others, and struggling to grasp reality.

People who suffer from derealization question whether or not the world around them is real, and because of this, often have a very hard time functioning in the world around them.

Depersonalization is equally harmful: it robs the person of their feelings of humanity and makes them feel disassociated from the world around them.

Understandably, people who suffer from depersonalization and derealization may have a difficult time with social interaction, and may feel isolated and alone.

The best way to combat depersonalization and derealization is to get professional help from a mental health specialist, since depersonalization and derealization are often symptoms of larger mental illnesses, like anxiety or depression.

Along with professional help, these are some methods that can help reduce the panic, stress, and depression that come from depersonalization and derealization. Continue reading 6 Ways to Manage and Mitigate Depersonalization and Derealization

Why It Is Important To Stop Pleasing Each and Everyone Around You

The idea of pleasing everyone around you may look quite appealing. Here’s the logic: the more people you please, the more they like you, the more secure you feel yourself in the end.

People’s loyalty serves you as a safety net in the human society. If you experience a setback in your life one day, you may count on some help from those, whose demands you satisfied back in a day.

Let’s use the business analogy: the more customers’ demands your company satisfies, the more money it makes, right? Then why it is wrong to try to please each and everyone around you? There’s one thing we forgot to take into consideration. Continue reading Why It Is Important To Stop Pleasing Each and Everyone Around You

Do You Like Making Decisions For Other People Without Their Consent?

Introductory example

Today (03/25) I was cleaning the street: nothing unusual. However, the weather was dry, and it was quite dusty around. So while I was sweeping, the dust was rising up and the wind was carrying it to the windows of the nearby building (some of which were open).

So while I was doing it, a detailed dialog took place in my head. I imagined people in this building get irritated by all the dust that floats into their rooms. Someone sticks his head out the window and starts yelling at me.

After this dialog took place in my head, my emotional state changed dramatically. My good mood disappeared without a trace and I got angry at that person I was arguing with in my mind, and who I didn’t even know!

After I calmed down I started thinking rationally again: “WTF?! How come I ruined my good emotional state and got anger at that hypothetical person by simply simulating a conversation inside my head? Is it fair that I’ve changed my attitude toward him/her, from neutral to hostile, without even talking to her/him? How come that I made a decision that person doesn’t like me or what I’m doing for him/her?” Continue reading Do You Like Making Decisions For Other People Without Their Consent?

I’m not good enough

Morpheus: What If I Told You You Are Good Enough.

I am not good enough – a common excuse for inaction, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what area of life we’re talking about. This excuse is universal.

It may take different shapes like “I’m not ready” or “I am not prepared”, but it’s still the same.

I am not good enough to start a business. I am not good enough to apply for that job. I am not good enough to make friends with that cool person. I am not good enough to ask that girl out. Continue reading I’m not good enough