why i can't get a girlfriend

32 Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Girlfriend

1 You make too few attempts

Best way to get a girlfriend is to make as many approaches as possible, until you succeed.

95% of guys who ask Google why can’t i find a girlfriend merely make too few attempts.

Here’s how it looks like:

An average guy approaches a girl and gets rejected. Then he waits for half a year to try again.

Fear of rejection may hold you back, but reiteration is literally the best way to get a girlfriend fast.

Walk up to a girl you like no matter which circumstances you may find yourself under, have a quick chat and ask for a phone number.

If you perform the above sequence of actions enough times, you’ll definitely get a date, which is the confident preerquisite for everything else.

2 You wait for The Princess aka Perfect Someone

Probably you have an unclear silhouette of a perfect girlfriend in your head. Perhaps, you even may describe her characteristics. Are you sure such a person really exists?

3 You give up too fast, after the first rejection

You ask a girl out for coffee. She says No. She says she’s busy. Then you give up.

What if I told you, she might be actually busy that evening. Why don’t you try again in a week or two?

Intersexual relationships may be tricky sometimes. No means Yes, and all that. But why don’t you make one more attempt just to make things clear?

4 You live with parents in your late 20s. You can afford living on your own, but you do not move out because you’ve chosen to stay in comfort conditions of parental home.

This is a big red flag for most women, who may consider you as an eventual boyfriend.

If you have income which covers your basic needs in food and room, think of moving out of your parents’ home as soon as possible.

Living on your own is among the best ways to get a girlfriend.

Please, be aware of 9 worst tips for moving out of your parents’ house.

5 You are a “nice guy”. And it’s not a compliment.

6 You have appearance issues you can easily solve (bad breath, dirty close, etc.)

Sometimes it’s banal negligence that makes a girl not want to consider you as a boyfriend.

7 You obsess over physical aspects of your body you can’t change (height, weight, bald head, etc.)

This is quite a widespread excuse for no girlfriend. A man finds some flaw (which may not really be a flaw) in his body and focuses on it.

The image of a handsome, finely dressed man is propagandized by companies, the only goal of which is to make you buy their products.

If you take a walk along the street you may notice that there’re all types of couples.

8 You try to be the best and the most perfect one.

People actually love imperfect ones. Read why.

9 You expect a girl to make the first move. You do not initiate social interaction.

While there are cases when a woman initiates communication with the romantic purpose, there’re too few of them to be considered as the way things actually are.

Most women still prefer a guy to approach them. These are just the rules of the game.

10 You hang out with the group of people who dominate over you, so your personality is not seen.

It may happen that people you usually hang out with tend to relate to you as someone less important. Or someone whose opinion can be easily ignored. They may assert themselves at your expense.

Such social group may be the cause why you cannot get a girlfriend. A woman sees that you occupy an inferior position among other males in your group. This fact makes you less desirable to her.

11 You avoid public places (where most social interactions take place, including social networks)

12 You dwell on your past mistakes as well as on bygone glorious victories

People have a natural tendency to ruminate over their past.

Sometimes you may remember some shameful public situation or a goofy mistake you made long ago. That’s OK. That is how we use our experience to achieve better results in the future.

However, if you focus on the negative side of your past too much, you may start catastrophizing those events and bringing in unproductive definitions as always and never.

“I always make fool of myself in public.”

“I never do anything right.”

The opposite extreme is to concentrate on your victories only. You may shape a self-image of a highly successful person who always wins, which is based on your thoughts and impression of your bygone days (not actual facts).

This will result in unrealistically high expectations, so every failure you’ll ever experience, will cause unnecessary pain.

In the case of getting a girlfirend problem, you may dwell on one regular rejection too heavily, and come up with a delusional idea, that your next attempt will end the same way.

Or, when you were in the elementary school, you were popular among the girls — usually they made the first move.

Now you project those events onto the current circumstances.

So when you do not get desired results, you get confused and unhappy, because your expectations were not met as you thought they would.

13 You complain way too much. You’re hooked on self-pity emotional junk

“I find it fascinatingly stupid for average dudes to sit around in a mediocre forum discussing how they will die virgins, and all of them will come back to such place to consume more and more of such negative energy!”

14 You are not disciplined to approach women on a regular basis

15 You are too picky

You find a flaw in every girl you meet. I’m pretty sure, you’ll find a drawback or too in The Princess you’re waiting for as well.

All people have one or another negative aatribute, you including.

16 You’re too focused on your study/job, and do not make time for the romantic affairs

Perhaps, it’s just defensive mechanism, or you really do love studying/working so much that you completely ignore other areas of your life.

17 In the beginning of an acquaintance you do not state clearly that you see the girl as a romantic partner. So you find yourself in the friend zone eventually.king of friendzone got

18 You wait for the perfect moment when you feel emotionally, financially, physically great to approach a girl (which never ever happens).

You believe that public success, fame, money will make girls longing for spending a date with you. Partly it’s true, but it’s unlikely it will get you the girl you really want.

19 You’re afraid to reveal your personality traits in public

20 You build walls instead of bridges. You avoid straight ways like simply walk up to a girl you like and say Hi.

You come up with messy  plans how to get that girl. However, you will not get any score for the original approach. You delay the results you want, and it’s just ineffective.

21 Too much of glamour inside to meet a real life girl. You’ve seen too many photoshopped pictures and watched too many polished videos and anime to be attracted to a real woman.

22 You overthink things

23 Some girls find you attractive. You miss those opportunities.

They aren’t good enough for you, are they?

24 You draw fast conclusions why this or that girl does not suit you without even talking to her, just by her appearance

25 You get too close too quickly

26 You read and theorize way too much. You want to know how things work before trying them first-hand.

27 You do not have other interests in your life

28 You avoid touching a girl by all means

29 You’re afraid to compete with other guys

30 You’re looking in the wrong places (nightclubs, if you don’t like to dance, crowded groups of friends if it’s hard for you to communicate in such environment)

31 You’ve built a fake image of yourself and are trying to sell it. You present yourself as rich when you’re broke, as confident when you are not, etc.

32 You do not think for yourself. You rely on someone’s else experience and opinion, this list including, instead of getting your own hands-on results.

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PS: My reply to Your eventual doomed comment.

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    1. hey, linda, we don’t need you shit here. but the comment and this crap about spellcaster is so hilarious, that I couldn’t but post it for others to have fun reading this as well.

        1. On the contrary, thank you Alex for being rude to her. We need more of that in this world to rid ourselves of spam, phishing, scam artists, etc.

          1. That’s not “she”, that’s a spam bot 🙂 I’ve received several comments with this same text from different “people”.

    2. hi! Linda,
      Doing a spell love casting is not a good thing. That’s not what real love. If you wanted to get your ex back just give him time and call him back a week or 2

    1. Woman are so God them selfish in the younger youth these days. It’s consistently becoming harder to talk to them in real life than on a cellular device. It drives me fucking nuts because I try to interact, but I feel like I’m getting nowhere. I’m 19 now, with my whole life ahead of me, hopefully things will change after high school, according to my relationship status – I prey – at university/college.

      1. I’m 28, turning 29 next month and still a virgin. Never had a GF. To be honest I don’t think it is as bad as you say. I mean maybe in your age, it’s all about technology. However, in my age, it’s all about social interaction.

        I thought less of myself. It turned out that I am confident but too lazy to approach women and hence my situation

        1. Wow dude you must feel lonely.
          That is probably telling you to find a
          Boyfriend instead.Chick’s don’t dig you.

        2. It’s true buddy I’m turning 35 now on valentines day never had sex or gf or any kind of relationship and yes I tried everything sex sites dating sites u name then even tried to approach some in real life not just for sex but to build a real relationship and guess what we are not getting younger time is ticking now the problem is that I’m looking for a young woman say 10 to 15 younger then people judge you by saying a person is a perv or you to old get trash woman or an old lady because all assholes take girls or women fuck them and leave them as for guys like us we are not like that.

  2. “Some girls find you attractive. You miss those opportunities.” I’ve yet to meet one… Somehow I doubt it – I’m pretty unattractive to women as far as I know. I stay in shape, dress well, take care of myself (diet, health, etc), and have a well paying job in a great profession – yet have never (not even once) got ‘signs’ from any woman that she might be interested in anything more than friendship with me. Rejection is guaranteed 100% of the time for some of us – so there is no value in bothering to approach.

    1. Exactly.

      It sucks, especially when one of the reasons for it is likely something that you can’t change.

      You go to the gym to change your body shape. You go to the hair dresser to change your hair and make it look good. But where do you go when your facial structure if genuinly unattractive?

      1. Isn’t it your subjective estimation of your facial structure? Other ppl may consider it attractive.

        On the top of that, it’s rarely that women make the beauty of a man’s face numer one priority when looking for a partner.

    2. Paul, your statement describes me 99% of the time. There have been a couple times in my life that I got interest from women but they are so few that it is almost not worth dwelling on. Some of us just don’t have that “tall, dark, handsome” look and live in areas that have a gender imbalance so it is an uphill battle all the time. I wish I can figure out a solution to this women problem as well.

    3. I felt the same way as you. However, from experience, girls don’t show you their interest. I remember seeing a girl a lot. On my way to job, at the gym, in the supermarket, etc. She looked like the high maintenance blonde type and always had that serious look. I thought she hated my presence. I was once alone with her in the elevator and just said “boy the weather is getting so hot these days” and her serious faced turned friendly and we chatted for a while.

      Whole point here is girls don’t make clear signs they are interested. You would be surprised if life can highlight for you the girls that are interested. You will find a handful who are interested but you just won’t know until you try.

      I though less of my self then i discovered that my problem is that I am LAZY to talk to girls.

  3. Well with so many Gay women nowadays just adds to the whole problem as well for us good men to begin with since we really have no reason at all to blame ourselves.

    1. Haha, true. Most of my female friends are gay so it makes it impossible to be with them. Ah what would I do to be with one of them.

    2. That’s why I can’t find a descent woman around. I never dated before and stayed single since 1997 until now 2018. No woman gives me a chance. Everytime I talk to a woman, she tells me you not my type.

  4. No its really rare circumstances for me. I’m the real life version of Moe from the Simpsons. Tried online dating for five years tried to message thousands no replies. Decided that not everybody gets to have someone to enhance ones life which is just cold reality. We are not promised anything in life you got work hard for it and some people are just not strong enough to obtain the things they desire. I suffer from pseudo seizures which happen from stress. If i venture outside my comfort zone I could drop and have one. Talked to this beautiful woman at the bus stop one time and blam had a seizure.So how’s that for circumstance? Not everyone is a lazy piece of shit like you believe.

  5. I literally fit every one of the 32 here. Coincidentally enough I am 32 and I have never had a girlfriend. Man what I would do to get help on how to fix myself.

    1. Hi Michael!

      Do you do what you want to do? I mean, do you follow your goals or do you live up to expectations of others? I’m asking that, because the absence of girlfriend is quite often related to the more profound issue as not liking and not respecting yourself.

      1. Well unfortunately this is a very completely different time we live in, most women expect just too much these days and like to party all the time and get real wasted by sleeping around with different men all the time too. So it is very impossible for these type of women to commit to only one man anyway.

        1. This is truth, people who are successful in relationships always want to push it on us that its fully our fault “hurrr you just need to try harder hurrrrrrr” and completely ignore the greater societal changes (highest divorce rate in history, 95% initiated by women, etc.) which

  6. Well unfortunately women have certainly changed today from the good old days since back then women were definitely much easier to meet with a very nice personality as well. And most of the women in those days were real ladies and had a lot of respect for the men back then as well. Most men did have respect for the women too at that time which made it very easy for the men really looking for love since the men really had no trouble at all meeting women since it was a totally different time back then too. Most women today have really changed for the worst of all since they’re very greedy, selfish, spoiled, and very money hungry as well too. These type of women that are like this now will only want the very best of all and will never ever settle for less which you can see how very horrible women have become today compared to the old days. This certainly has a lot to do with it why many of us good single men can’t meet a decent normal woman anymore which really explains why we really don’t have a woman in our life which is Not our fault to begin with. And now you have all of these very stupid reality TV shows as well as social media since most of these very pathetic loser women are real feminists anyway since most of them really hate us men as well. With these shows that they have on TV now has certainly Corrupted many of these women altogether adding to the problem as well. With many women today making a six figure income since they have their careers now are the worst ones of all as well since they will never go with any of us good men that make much less money than they do since they really think they’re all that which their Not anyway.

  7. In the piece above, rejection is implicitly presented as conditional – that is, “but what if she rejects me.” With this construction, there is an explicit possibility that rejection will not occur – and so it’s worth asking her for her number, a date, sex, etc.,

    For some of us though, rejection is always guaranteed no matter what, who, when and how we ask. In this case, it’s simply not worth it to ask any woman out and so I never do. Were there even a small chance of a positive reply, I’d ask any one of the women out I find attractive right away – but there is no chance whatsoever of getting so much as a date with any of them – so I don’t bother. Some of us are born – irrespective of what we actually desire – completely unattractive to women forever.

  8. You’re much too young to remember an actor named Paul
    Newman. Like most actors of his day, he was devilishly handsome,
    and had sparkling blue eyes.
    Among his films was “Hombre,” (1967)
    At the conclusion of the film, he walks down a flight of stairs.
    There’s a 99% probability he’s going to be killed. He did something
    to antaganize a very wicked man. The man says to him before he kills him, “Mister, You have a lot of bark to walk down those stairs.”
    In real life, Mr. Newman didn’t need “A lot of bark to get girlfriends. He was a handsome man with plenty of confidence.
    You’re asking for to much. You’re asking for sensative ugly
    shlubs to face rejection after rejection. You’re asking for Betas to magically transform themselves into Alpha’s. It ain’t gonna happen.
    We’ve got a glut of genetic dead end Beta males in this society that never would have survived in early years. They’ll
    just have to release their sexual urges in some other way, or do without.

  9. I see a lot of mysef on this list, i had women throw themselves at me but didnt know what to do, i have aspergers, i remember this time lots of women in work were drawing me cute pictures and this beutiful teenage girl came to me at the end of the day alone with a picture, i got conused and she left,(i was a model in my younger days) now im 37 ive lost my chance, ill never have a beutiful young woman and it was all so easy for me and i still didnt do anything, guys if you dont want the worst pain of your life you have to aproach, im in so much pain im suicidal, the self hate you will feel for not aproaching earlier will kill you, it will kill you, im in the worst pain of my entire life and the sick thing is its too late to do anything, im going to die like this, the only women available now are old hags that have slept with 20 plus men with other peoples children, and theres me a virgin at 37 with every advantage ever and i still blew it, i just want to die, i cant get out of bed anymore i hate life so much, the pain keeps getting worse and worse, i wouldnt wish this on anyone, please aproach, dont be like me, if you think your pain is bad now, wait until its too late and watch as bitterness regret frustration misery self hate guilt rage anger and just about every other negative emotion slowly eats at your sanity, set my reality out against another man who is happily married with children after a nice sex life with lots of love and girlfriends, with the extasy of the very best memories of love and real connection, one life full of happy memories vs me who cannot look back without being suicidal, thats the difference between aproaching and not, and the sick thing is i can now aproach women and do often, but im too old now i just get called sleezy ! please dont live my life, its genuinly unbearable, and its only going to get worse, much worse, a life like this might as well not exist, all this could have been avoided with some simple confidence, i could have had the very best life ever, all i ever wanted was a girlfriend and i denied myself of that, now as well as all this misery i have self hate too, trust me you dont want this !#

    1. Paul,
      I can relate to your situation and you are correct in some regards. I don’t really know what it is like to be you but I got rough idea.
      First thing to do is cheer up my friend you have avoided some of the worst catastrophes in a mans life.
      Divorce #1
      Most stressful horrible thing that has ever happened to me. I was married three times and divorced three times, two by my decision once by hers. The once by hers hurt the worse of course, still gives me nightmares after 26 years. Being used by someone you truly love and then be thrown out like trash when you are no longer useful really sucks ass, trust me on that. I am thinking at least 80% of marriages these days end in divorce.
      Having children #2
      I had two with my first wife of 14 years, a boy and a girl, perfect right? Wife was as romantic as a blank stare, cold as three day old cod. Why I married her I will never really understand. My son was a founding member of liers anonymous and could not tell you the truth about anything to save his life. If it was raining he would tell you it was sunny, no rhyme or reason just lies. Remains to this day a lying sack of crap. There is no way to have any relationship with a lier, flat out impossible.
      My daughter was killed in a traffic accident over twenty some years ago and my ex wife did not even bother to tell me. My relationship with my daughter suffered a great deal from the divorce.
      Second wife was a user and wanted a child and money. We were not stable enough to have a dog let alone a child. When it turned out I could not give her a child that was the end of that and out the door she went leaving me financially and spiritually bankrupt in a place we’re I had no friends or family. I felt like I had been raped, robbed, then thrown out of a car doing 90 mph and left for dead. Took me a long time to get my self straightened out.
      Third wife was Chinese from Taiwan, cute funny as all get out until she wasn’t, split personality if I ever saw one. One minute all fun and laughs then the next minute I was afraid to sleep at night thinking she would cut my throat. Chinese women are matriarchal, they run the family whether they know what their doing or not. You have probably heard the story about the dutiful Chinese wife following behind her husband as he struts his stuff down the street. I got news for you, she ain’t following anybody, shenis driving your ass just like if you were an ox. She can see everything you do, who you look at or talk to. If she is displeased you will here about it in spades when you get home.
      Took me forever to get severed from that relationship, whew.
      So I have been by myself for the last fifteen years and I have not been this happy since I was 5 years old. I have two dogs and a cat now but I have had other dogs since the second wife dumped me. The first dog was a boxer, Jasmin. She turned out to be the smartest dog on the planet. I actually had conversations with her like two people talking about the day’s events. First time it happened it really freaked me out, the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up. I thought I was having a reality break and had finally lost my mind. Turned out she really was that smart, scary a little but smart like no dog I have had since.
      Now I have two pit bull terreirs which are the nicest dogs you could ever wish for. They fight like hell between them selves sometimes but a word from Dad puts an end to that before it gets too carried away. Pete the younger one loves me and I mean is in love with me. Max the older, only by a year, loves me too but nothing like Pete. Pete is not clingy but it is clear as the sky in Montana he loves me.
      So why am I telling you all this and also why am I here to coven tell this to you?
      First thing is yea I get lonely for some female companyonship from time to time, still got that pie in the sky childish nature. I have traveled for a living for some twenty six years and retired last year. Maintaining any sort of relationship being gone six months or more out of the year is not going to work out very well. Fact is I was perfectly happy with my life but still had that desire for companyonship buried deep down inside to some extent.
      I had it all Brother, road racing motorcycles all over the country, I am talking race tracks ok? I still have four pristine Ducati motorcycles out in the shop to play with in the summer even though I am over the racing now, too old. My home is in the middle of 53 acres out in the middle of no where. I have and have had every toy any guy could possibly want. Twenty five thousand dollars for a motorcycle, you bet cha, no problem. Once the women were gone life took a turn no one could imagine. I had more money than I knew what to do with literally. Life is good my friend, real good.
      So why in the world would I want to screw that up you ask? Because that’s what guys do! We have a latent gene buried deep down that when things are going good we can’t help but fuck it up. We will figure out some way some how. I think maybe women have something similar but I don’t really know for sure.
      Tiger Woods, beautiful killer drop dead gorgeous Scandinavian wife, best golfer the world had ever seen, yep fucked it up. I could go on and on but I am sure you get my point.
      If it so happens that you are a praying man Paul just ask God if he could help you out and then accept the answer whether it is one you like or not. If the answer is no he is doing you a favor. There is not a marriage or male female relationship ever that was peaches and cream ever. Marriage is damn hard work and if the two are not willing or know how to put in the effort it will end badly.
      A woman friend would be nice but I am a right wing red neck roll up my sleeves sort and not really suitable for any gender confused whinny ass little girls that think Carl Marx was a reall hep dude.
      Yea I have had some serious down time in my life but I kept putting one foot in front of the other. Please do the same my friend and remember you are not alone even though it might seem like it. Keep in mind it is a biological game and not a very fun one either. I pretty much choose to pursue other things. It is a huge beautiful world out there with so many wonderful things to experience. Get into helping other, volunteer at your local animal shelter, buy a boat and go fishing. Buy a motorcycle and Lear what it is like to fly one foot off the ground around a corner doing 100 mph. Get a dog!
      Good luck my friend and keep moving forward,
      Rod 🙂

      1. My uncle got played by a China girl for 1/2 million in real estate and left in a nursing home alone,she used him and was going to fly him to Lonon England and abandon him at the airport,then his family found out,she then wanted a divorce but found out she would get nothing so she stayed married until he died,she never came to his funeral and did not want his ashes,his brother put them on his mantle and does not think she done anything wrong,that’s because he used to go over to China and hire young women for temporary love and really liked Chinese women,what a joke they are.

  10. just get a real doll sex doll they look and feel real. I have one and they are better than a real woman. A real woman isgoing to grow old and then she will be left with nothing but a memory of what she used to look like. Women are only hurting themselves by not accepting a nice guy. Possibly in the future there will be no future because there will be no us. If women don’t want to be with men anymore then men will have to rely on sex bots.

    1. I agree Eric Smith. People thinks I’m being picky but I’m not. When I need a descent woman it’s like asking too much. I’m a good guy and treat women good but having a girlfriend that will never happen. Only women look for in a guy is good looks, bad boy type, six packs, abs and Brad Pitt look alike. If you to nice, women hates it.

  11. “Some girls find you attractive. You miss those opportunities.” Really? No – this is untrue. Fact: I’ve never met one woman who finds me attractive in my entire life. I have lots of woman friends, none of whom can tell me what it is that makes obviously unlovable – they all think it’s just terrible luck. Fact: no woman could ever want me sexually and I’m really tired of being a virgin at 37 years old.

    1. JP 😂 don’t worry mate, I’ve been a virgin all my life and now age 40 still a virgin. It’s difficult to find someone that is a virgin not second hand divorced or someone that slept around with many men.

  12. You think that’s bad? 37 years old is a kid! I’m 59.
    It takes ALL KINDS to make a world. There are plenty of genetic
    dead ends. They were just never known about prior to the internet. Historically, life was about survival of the fittest. Never
    before in history have so many weaklings survived so long.
    Listen to the song “Tower Of Strength,” by Gene McDaniels.
    The central philosphical question of life according to Albert Camas, is whether it is worth living to begin with.

  13. Any prospects of relationships are completely ruined
    between male and female.
    Even admired and sucessful people are accused of harassment.
    That means the agressive tack you advocate could get a person
    arrested. Then, they’d be the ones getting raped-in prison.

  14. Well with most women being so very busy these days sleeping around with all kinds of men all the time, which they will never be able to commit to only one man anyway since they only like to party and get real wasted as well.

  15. Fear of rejection may hold you back, but reiteration is literally the best way to get a girlfriend fast.

    Walk up to a girl you like no matter which circumstances you may find yourself under, have a quick chat and ask for a phone number.

    You gotta be kidding me, right? I approach girls all the time …. seven or ten girls a weekend and try to number close, and i usually get a no or flaky numbers.

  16. Naw. It’s the 80/20 rule. The average guy is of no interest to a
    woman at all today. He really has to be the “total package” to
    get acceptance from a woman. People today aren’t as bad as you
    think. They’re worse.
    I knew a young kid that was dying from cancer. He said when he met God, he was going to give him a punch in the nose. He died
    not long after.
    Most people ARE NOT HAPPY. They are laughing on the
    outside, crying on the inside. Even sex is used as a distraction. It doesn’t work.
    The central question about life is it is even worth living.
    Everybody has to answer that question for themselves.

  17. Well unfortunately most women are just so very horrible when you try to start a normal conversation with these morons since they have the worst attitude problem to begin with, and it is very extremely dangerous for many of us men just to say good morning or hello to a woman that will attract us since they will usually be very nasty to us and walk away anyway. Many very psycho women everywhere these days and either they look very mad or depressed most of the time and God forbid if they were to smile at us which never happens at all. Women have really changed today from years ago since it was a totally different story if you really wanted to meet a good woman back then with no problem at all either. Now trying to find love is very difficult now which is like trying to win the lottery since that really is very impossible these days. It is very obvious why so many of us men are still single today since the real good old fashioned ladies no longer exist.

    1. Sex is pure luck. That’s why another word for sex is “scoring.”
      Listen to the song, “Is she Really Going Out With Him?” by
      Joe Jackson.

    2. Jim you read my mind like an open book. Yes women these days do it. That’s why I’m afraid to say hi to a woman again 😂. In my country Iraq that I’m originally from, they say if you don’t have a girlfriend means you are mentally sick or you are gay. That’s why people these days laugh at me or ask me are you gay.

      1. Feminism really hurt us innocent men these days since Feminism is much worse than Cancer now caused by these very pathetic loser women, for which there is no cure at all unfortunately.

  18. They say it’s better to have love and lost than to never have love at all,its all bs.I am also a ugly man, im very skinny and nerdy and so shy,still cant approach woman the only reason I have had girlfriends is because of my friends.I have been married and have had girlfriends, they have all cheated on me and my ex wife left me for another man.I hate women and now will live the rest of my days single with a black heart.It is by far worst to loose the love of your life than to never had a gf.

    One thing I have notice is if you don’t have friends your chances of finding a woman are even more slim.

  19. Remember Mr. Scrooge refered to the poor as the surplus
    population. That’s what we are. Whether a person wants to
    stick around for this torture is THEIR choice.

  20. 33. Women are not into you and dont see you as the type of guy you would date. It will not matter if you do not fit into the top 32 reasons why.

    1. And what is more funny is that you see the ugliest looking men with very attractive women since these women really think they’re all that which they’re so very horrible looking and really need makeup to cover up their real looks.

  21. Hi, I was looking for a girlfriend in my life and I did what most guys would do: read, read, and read … but not take any action. But once I started to take action (i.e. working out, getting my style and groove together, and basically go out and socialize with strangers), I started to get more girls in my life, and as a result, also found the LOVE of my life… Thanks for sharing your useful tips on how to get girlfriend.

  22. For those of us who are extreme introverts and who aren’t used to approaching women and hooking up all the time, it takes literally every ounce of courage we have to approach women at all, even just to say hi. From the time we’re teenagers, we see overzealous girls who will call it sexual harassment and try to ruin a guy’s reputation if he so much as says hello. No, that’s not an exaggeration.

    I remember being 18, standing around for a bus, asking a woman who was probably 23 for the time because my phone was dead. She went off on a rant, apparently perceiving this as a pickup line, and judging me of course unworthy, even though I just wanted to figure out when the next bus was. And every time I said “sorry to bother you” she’d go off again. “what kind of man says I’m sorry!!” It’s women like that we remember, when we think about saying hello, and it just shuts us down completely. There are many more stories I can recall right now of that sort. The fact is, I’m now 31 have never so much as held hands or kissed a woman – and of course I’ve never been asked out by a woman either.

    So my question is – why would I, or any other guy – take a 50/50 risk of being screamed at and called a creep in public, and / or accused of sexual harassment with all the ensuing destruction to all areas of my life?

    1. Not everyone is meant to have a girlfriend. If everyone could,
      the world would be over populated. I don’t know what your
      living situation is, but the best solution would probably be a
      silicone doll, and/or virtual sex.

  23. I really feel cursed. Im super fit. Literally model status with an amazing body, lets say 9-10% body fat maybe even less. I got one problem . Im 5”6’ . Ive been single since 2014. I dont try to lift a finger to try when you realize your the shortest in the room . its really depressing

    1. I’m 5’6 as well. But I don’t look like a model.
      If there’s anything worse then a 5’6 person that looks like a model
      it’s a 5’6 person that DOESN’T look like a model!
      How about shoe lifts, or just dating short women? There are
      plenty of girl’s 5’6 or under.

  24. My problem is this:

    Cannot make enough to live on my own so I require living with parents still. I am 26. I don’t know what to do about this.

    Also, I only ever get to meet women at work and have met some great women, but they are always taken.

    Right now I get to work with the most beautiful girl in the world and I love her personality. She is physical with me. Under any other circumstance I would take the signs and go for it: But here’s the thing: She has a boyfriend whom she lives with and is constantly bored at work. Naturally I recognize then that she is just messing with me because of boredom and for attention, so I do not dare to make any moves as I feel it would be a waste of my time and I even fear she might be uncomfortabl. Everyday I just want to at least let her know how attractive I find her(At least tell her she has beautiful eyes) but I can’t find the courage….not because I am shy, but because of the given reasons.

    And that’s how it always is….. I am always placed in these situations where I cannot do anything….. like waving food at a dog but not allowing him to eat 🙁

    1. Don’t even imagine that you can have a relationship with a girl
      that’s living with a man.
      It’s not unusual to feel tempted this time of year as they are
      wearing little clothing.
      But don’t to anything that can be interpeted as “aggresive.”
      I’m assuming you need to keep your job.

  25. I’m 37 and have never had a girlfriend or sex – or even been kissed. I’m not the kind of guy who’s willing to pay for it – which is the only way I could ever have any form of physical intimacy. No woman could ever want me, so I never ask women out because rejection – at a bare minimum is always guaranteed – if not worse.

    Please don’t tell me that dating is a numbers game, to gain confidence, or to put myself out there and get rejected 10 thousand times. There is zero chance any woman could be sexually attracted to me, so there is no point in trying.

    1. I see where you’re coming from. Your Astrological chart likely
      has a lot to do with it. Some NEVER WILL get anything. That’s an
      unavoidable fact of life. If you see any value in life, you’re going to
      have to live in spite of that.

    2. So you are saying don’t give it a go? Even if she gives me all the signs? She hasn’t made a move but I wonder if she is waiting on me to make the move. As I said before, Im confused because she is living with this POS lol. Im 26 she is 25 and her man is 46 which Im pretty sure she’s with due to his personality aka money.

      1. She seems like the “Drama Queen” type, and she might
        even be mentally unbalanced. Don’t do anything. Life doesn’t
        look good from the inside of a jail cell.
        “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” by Rod Stewart, is the most
        percise description of incel. Sex is luck. Unlikely types don’t get
        sex. Face it.

  26. With most women that are a real psycho today and very dangerous to talk too, it is wise for many of us men to stay Mgtow now.

  27. Well now that most women have such a very big list of demands when it comes to men which it will make it even much harder to find a decent normal woman today to have a relationship with. They want men to have a full head of hair with no baldness at all, be very good looking, very excellent shape and not overweight at all, have a very excellent high paying job, have his own million dollar home, and drive a very expensive fancy car as well. And it is very sad that most of these very pathetic women as it is are real golddiggers to begin with unfortunately, and they will usually insult many of us men as well. And with most of these women nowadays are so very obese to begin with and not all that attractive either, even with all that makeup they put on which certainly doesn’t help anyway. This is why many of us men are MGTOW today since these type of women are very much to blame in the first place

  28. I never get signs from any woman of any type whatsoever – they never acknowledge my existence at all. Every other guy (and I mean every other guy) is incomparably more attractive than me no matter what I look like, do or say, and nothing I could ever do could change this. This is not to do with confidence, it’s simple fact – as such I never talk to women – why bother?

  29. This is a great topic to talk about why many of us men don’t have a girlfriend since many of us aren’t to blame in the first place. Women are very picky nowadays first of all since most of these women now are so very greedy, selfish, and very spoiled altogether now unfortunately adding to the problem. The great majority of these women want men with a lot of money since they like to be treated like queens, so they can get the nice gifts that they really want. So it is the real nice men like us that these women really don’t want at all which is why so many of us men are still single now as i speak.

  30. By now at almost 49 I don’t know and I don’t care. I went the “provider” way and I stayed at that. I still know two sisters and some other girl that are mature and we still friends. It was what it was, it is what it is. Dating is not for everybody.
    I don’t know how females cope with that. I don’t think all men cope the same way.

  31. If this had been the good old days which many of us single men would’ve been easily settled down already instead of dealing with this bullshit today.

  32. Guys like me are consistently told that “There are millions of women out there, many of whom who would love to be with you!” I have no idea how the people who write articles about dating can honestly say that about me when they know nothing about me. In my case, there is zero evidence to support this claim. No woman has ever, and I mean literally ever – shown the slightest interest in me – not in high school, college, graduate school, or in the years I’ve been working – not even one woman, once. We’re also told that contrary to popular belief that guys initiate contact, it is in fact more often the case that women initiate by giving guys they like subtle signals that they want them to approach. And we’re also advised that learning how to date ‘successfully’ (reduce the number of rejections a guy gets) is closely related to learning to read women’s body language so as to approach the women who are signalling their interest to us. My question is, if I NEVER get signals from any woman, why should I bother approaching at all – since rejection is literally guaranteed every time?

  33. I could not get a date and I gave up on girls at age 16. Since they had zero interest in me I quickly lost interest in them. I started seeing escorts when I was 21. Escorts worked for me. Where regular girls always said “No” Escorts always said “Yes.” Escorts 10, Regular girls 0.

  34. The very sad thing about all this is, if we see a woman that we would really like to meet which they will usually for no reason at all be very nasty to us and walk away. And there are times when they will even Curse at us too. Doesn’t make any sense at all how women can really be like this now, especially when most women in the past were Real Ladies with very good manners as well. Feminism has really killed it for many of us men really looking for a very serious relationship today unfortunately. Very mentally disturbed women everywhere nowadays which a lot of us men have to be very careful since most of these women today now are very extremely dangerous as well. MGTOW is a lot safer now and getting much stronger too. Go MGTOW.

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