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Dark Obsessive Thoughts

Dark obsessive thoughts are those which make you feel as a bad person. Even as a horrible person sometimes. A classic example: you see a knife and imagine that you take it and stab someone with it.

When this thought strikes you (like the lightning among the blue sky), you get shocked and scared. “What was that?! What the heck?! Why do I imagine it? Do I want to stab other people? No, no, of course not! But why do I imagine that? I’m so ugly human :(…”

Sounds familiar, right?

On top of that, dark thoughts, especially those, which you get shocked with, those that you’re really afraid of, they become obsessive. Next time you see a knife, the dark thought blasts again! Continue reading Dark Obsessive Thoughts

6 Ways to Manage and Mitigate Depersonalization and Derealization

Depersonalization and derealization are unhealthy patterns of thought that result in feeling like you’ve lost your personhood or humanity, failing to recognize the humanity in others, and struggling to grasp reality.

People who suffer from derealization question whether or not the world around them is real, and because of this, often have a very hard time functioning in the world around them.

Depersonalization is equally harmful: it robs the person of their feelings of humanity and makes them feel disassociated from the world around them.

Understandably, people who suffer from depersonalization and derealization may have a difficult time with social interaction, and may feel isolated and alone.

The best way to combat depersonalization and derealization is to get professional help from a mental health specialist, since depersonalization and derealization are often symptoms of larger mental illnesses, like anxiety or depression.

Along with professional help, these are some methods that can help reduce the panic, stress, and depression that come from depersonalization and derealization. Continue reading 6 Ways to Manage and Mitigate Depersonalization and Derealization

What is Depersonalization Disorder? Learn the Depersonalization Cure

What Does Depersonalization Disorder Feel Like?


People affected by Depersonalization and Derealization will describe their symptoms as a detachment from reality and that they are living a dream (as if they’re outside their body, observing of themselves). That is what depersonalization feels like. Continue reading What is Depersonalization Disorder? Learn the Depersonalization Cure

Cognitive Dissonance

Have you ever wondered why people get angry when they’re wrong? Not just feel uncomfortable or awkward, but pissed?

Last week, a customer came up to my makeup counter and demanded we honor her coupon that promised a free mini mascara. After I explained the coupon was expired and offered her a mini lip gloss instead, she threw the lipgloss back at me (a really poor choice of ammunition, considering it’s barely the size of my pinky finger) and told me it was a “gross pink”, and, besides, we are “a crappy ghetto store anyway”.

What this lady experienced was a form of cognitive dissonance. According to the American Psychological Association, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort caused by a contradiction between the actual truth and what a person believes is true: in other words, it’s the awkwardness, the collar-loosening, and the throat-clearing silence (or the lip-gloss-chucking anger) we experience when we’re wrong. Continue reading Cognitive Dissonance