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9 Worst Tips for Moving Out of Your Parents House

Writing this article I assume that you actually want to move out from your parents. If you don’t, I hope this post will make you think again.

Many of us struggle deciding Should I stay or Should I go? The less risky a person is, the harder it is to make the final decision. You may bounce back and forth between two decisions endlessly.

Eventually, you may prefer to stay at parents home “for a little while more”.


That is wrong decision, of course.

My opinion is dogmatic, because moving out is really a must-be-taken step on your path from childhood to adulthood.

Leaving the nest is important for improving your social skills and life skills overall.

Perhaps, today we rely on Google too much in terms of decision-making. We browse social networks and forums relying on other people’s views. Sometimes it helps.

However, some tips for moving out of your parents house you may find in www do not help. Instead, they may turn off you from the crucial adult decision you are about to make.

Some tips you may encounter on the Internet, some you may receive from your off-line environment. All of them do more harm than good.

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Excuses Your Parents May Use To Keep You Home

Living with parents is perceived differently around the world. Some cultures consider it as the only way to be. Three (even four) generations living in one house, under one roof, is totally OK. So if you decide to leave the nest, be sure, this society will not approve it.

On the other hand, there are cultures in which a person who continues to live with his/her mom and dad after leaving school is seen as a loser.

Both are somewhat extreme examples. However, for many people it’s easier to divide the world in black and white parts than accept the fact that it consists of shades… shades of grey, fifty shades of grey! OMG, just kidding. All I want to say is that the world is full of colors, and the color you see depends on your viewpoint.

I think an intelligent individual must seek for what is beneficial to him/her in the first place. If it is beneficial for an adult son to live with his parents, – great. If it is beneficial for an adult daughter to leave her parents, – great.

However, I’m also sure that evolution made it clear: it wants all the children to become independent adults in the end. It expects that we are brought up by our parents, but then… It has also provided us with a wide range of instances in the animal world (for those who doubt that this is the right way to go).

If someone finds inexpressible harmony in living with parents AND demonstrates complete autonomy from them at the same time, that is great, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the real life shows us the opposite examples much more often.

This article is for those who sees moving out from parents home as a beneficial decision to him/her.

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