If Everything’s a Mess, Lean on the Physical

Sometimes it feels like your life resembles a total mess: your career is slowly, but inevitably wrecking, you don’t have any intimate relationship or your relationship is one, which you wouldn’t have even for free. No goals and no purpose in life. It seems like your friends are doing so much better than you, and you got lost somewhere behind them a long time ago. You do your best, but do not succeed.

You know your problems and even accept them, but there are so many of them, that you don’t know on which one to work in the first place. You jump from one sphere of your life to another rapidly, but cannot fix a problem, because it requires the other different problem to be fixed at the same time. Your mind makes desperate attempts to find a way out of this situation. However, it doesn’t work. You lose your enthusiasm. Apathy and frustration take their honored seats.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, my advice is to put it aside for a while and concentrate on the physical side of your life. There’s no secret that the intense and regular physical exercises have a positive effect on parts and organs of the body. What’s more important, it has a great positive effect on the thinking process. The clearest state of my mind I usually experience right after the physical workout. You are relaxed and able to find a solution for a problem, which seemed to be insoluble.

Thinking too hard of your problems and failing to solve them eventually grows into permanent mental stress. Don’t try to cope with it by thinking even harder. What you really need is the mental stress to be compensated with the physical stress. Hit the local gym as soon as you can and you will surely feel better right after the first workout.

It’s up to you to choose the kind of sport you feel sympathy to. Here are some options:

– jogging in the nearby park;

– swimming in a pool;

– martial arts;

– weight training;

– …whatever you like.

I guess, everyone was taught of the benefits of physical activity in the childhood, but however, only a few apply it as they grew up. And if it’s OK for a child not to understand all the advantages of exercising, but for an adult it’s a question of choice and taking responsibility for the consequences.

Personal Experience

I didn’t see much sense in physical trainings before and didn’t like it too. But the harder the challenges I encountered were, the more I enjoyed doing physical exercising.

I remember that period of my life, when I was jobless and was quite frustrated with it. However, the swimming and the practicing in karate helped me to decide what I wanted from a job, to set a goal and to stick with it – I had learned the basics of the new programming language in 3 months and was offered a job. Regarding the most recent example: after I returned home from the PUA training – I enrolled in a gym. I’ve been doing weight workouts since that time regularly for more than 1.5 years now. The completion of each single workout gives me the feeling of accomplishment. It feels like I’ve made something significant, that I haven’s wasted my time.

Exercising regularly will eventually make you stronger. I don’t mean the physical part of your personality only (it’s obviously), but your mind and character either. You’ll be able to handle the life situations, which seemed to you like the hardest ones before. OK, enough of talking – there are some physical exercises awaiting for you!

December 27th, 2011

Sociable Introvert

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