How to Be an Introvert

It is said that we live in an extroverted world. So people, who by the choice of Mother Nature, were born with introverted traits of their personality often look for an advice on how to be more open to people, more extroverted.

Demand creates supply, so no wonder why there’s such a vast of resources in the Internet which cover this kind of topic.

At the same time there’s so few amount of information presented on the opposite topic – how to go introverted.

In this short ironical article I’m inviting extroverts to take a walk in introverts’ shoes.

So here it is: 5-steps guide on how you can become a real introvert.

1. Talk less

It’s not in an introvert’s nature to talk much during a day. They also are not fond of discussing shallow topics just for the sake of talking. Overall advice here may sound: “Speak less, listen more”.

2. Go out less

Have less nights out than you used too. A couple (literally) of nights per month is OK though.

3. Limit the amount of friends you spend time with

According to the brilliant article “10 Myths About Introverts” introverts “can count their close friends on one hand”. I do not call on you to burn bridges with your other acquaintances. Just focus most of your “social time” on several (2-3) persons.

4. Enjoy your own time on your own

Introverts like to spend time alone, that is how they recharge themselves. So if you want to be a real introvert, make sure that you spend enough time on your own every day. E.g., you may go to the cinema or have a cup of coffee alone. It will also be useful to find some hobby – an activity which only one person – you – is involved in. For example, painting.

5. Keep a diary

Introverts are tremendously introspective kind of people. Be sure to get a private diary where you can write down and analyze your own thought and feelings. Update it regularly.

If you learn and master all the skills and habits from the above list, congratulations! – Now you accepted to the fellowship of introverts!

July 22nd, 2013

Sociable Introvert

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