How Having A Car May Bring More Social Activities To Your Life

With no hesitation, I have to say that getting my driver’s license was one of the key steps in my challenge of expanding my social circle. In this short article, I’m going to tell how having a car – and driving it – may help you to do three things:

– Be more involved in the various social activities

– Bring additional acquaintances to you

– Initiate friendship with people

Your car doesn’t have to be luxurious or expensive… unless you’re looking to impress somebody with it. So long as the car isn’t falling apart, runs, is clean and neat inside, that’s all you need. For example, I drove cars that were 20-years-old – I inherited from my grandfather and I did fine.

My 2006 Summer: How I Learned A Car Is Useful In Establishing Social Friendships

In the summer of 2006, I decided I need to get my driver’s license. I generally had nothing to do and I just killed time. Some of my classmates had their driver’s licenses and had their own vehicles – well, maybe not their own – but still they had something more than I did.  I was never really interested in cars, and even today, I am horrible at fixing them. Still, I concluded I needed to learn how to drive a car.

I didn’t have big plans regarding a car. After all, I wasn’t going to drive it all the time, for every occasion. I wasn’t going to try to earn money with it – taxi work. Rather, I was just going to use it every now and then to see family or hang out at the lake. My thinking was this: “Howbeit, driving a car is such a useful skill in today’s world.” So, I signed up for the two-week course at our local drive school. Guess what I learned? A car is useful in establishing social communications with other folks.

The members of the social group – the one I wanted to be a part of – loved to spend their free time outside the city. Some had cars; others rode with them. I once chatted with an old friend – someone who was a part of that group – mentioning that I had just gotten my license and spending my free time driving in the city.

My friend asked me if I drove the city alone and I answered yes. He asked if I would consider joining him and his friends the next trip out to the countryside. I also used my vehicle to pick some of his friends up. I didn’t mind at all! And, because of it, the trip appeared to be a key point in establishing my initial contacts with members of that particular social group.

So, that’s my story and how a car helped me to boost my levels of socializing – probably the hardest challenge I’ve come across in my life.

6 Ways You Can Use Your Car To Connect To Other Folks

Now, you might be wondering how to use your vehicle to establish social relationships? There are actually six useful tips to use to your advantage.

1 – Get Someone From “Point A” To “Point B”

There’s no doubt that a car is useful for everyday life. Just like the phone was created to make it convenient for people to call each other away from home, the car was created to go from one place to another.

If you don’t have a car or driver’s license or just don’t like the idea of driving a car, consider finding a friend who does have one. Why not become that friend who does have a car? Many people will ask friends for a favor… at some point in time.

For instance, you may be asked to pick somebody up from the airport or move furniture. During the ride, you can chat with the person and get to know him/her better. People will appreciate the help you gave and may return the favor one day.  Or, he/she will express their gratitude by offering to buy you a meal or drink.

2 – Take A Trip

Many people like to spend their holidays and weekends outside the city. And, most folks would rather go by car than by public transportation. This is where having a vehicle is advantageous. Get out with your friends and head to the countryside for a good ole time. Go somewhere that allows you to deepen the relations with various folks.  You’ll be able to improve your social skills, have fun and make memories with them.

3 – Take Someone To A Party

If a friend asks you to take him/her to a party, do it. Chances are you’ll also be invited to go, which is great for your social life so don’t say “NO”.

4 – Just Take A Drive

Hanging out with your friends, driving around, is a social event all to itself. Invite someone to come along with you to hang out, driving the city streets and enjoy the night life. Stop off for some pizza and have some good conversation.

5 – Who Is Paying For The Gas

When your friend is asking for a favor, he/she is likely to pay for your gas. If my friends and I head to the countryside, we divided the gas money between us and pay for our part.

6 – Charge Nothing For Your Time and Gas

It may sound like I’m saying become a free of charge cab. I don’t look at it like this. If your friend needed you to take him/her somewhere and you don’t feel like going, just apologize and tell them no. However, if you want to help out your good buddy, why not help them out? Remember this phrase: scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

January 22nd, 2012. Revised: January 19th, 2013

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