How To Get Invited To A Party: 4 Tips That Will Get You An Invitation

In this article you will find out how to get invited to a party (infographics and video included).

Is it common for somebody to throw a party and you not be invited?

When it comes to partying, shy people tend to get the short end of the stick. The rejection of not being invited can make you think the party host either didn’t want you there or just forgot to ask you to come.

“Why Wasn’t I Invited To A Party?”

Questions may start to swirl in your head:

– “Why I wasn’t invited to a party?”

– “Should I ask to get invited to a party?”

These negative thoughts can vary but the core idea behind them is the same: you’d like to join in on the fun and you’re not invited.  Worst off, this negativity can spill over into more parties, meaning you miss out on party after party.

What are some of the reasons you are not being invited to a party? Well, omit the obvious one that you and the host of a personal issue going on.  As such, there are just two other reasons:

1 – You and The Host Are Not Close

If you and the host barely know each other – mere acquaintances – then the host may be hesitant in inviting you to a party he/she is throwing.

2 – You Don’t Portray Yourself As A Party Person

Believe it or not, how you portray yourself may determine if you do or do not get invited to parties. If people see you as not the partying type, they’re not likely to invite you to a party they are throwing.

For example: you may have a reputation for being the loner type – someone who doesn’t mind spending time by themselves every day. For that reason, people may not think that you’d be interested in attending a party.

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean your character is incompatible with parties. It only means that people have seen just one side of you. If you’re going to change how people perceive you, you need to display that party-side personality… and you have to do it by getting into a party.

How Do I Get Invited To A Party?

How Do I Get Invited To A Party Infographic

Well, that’s the real question, isn’t it?  Believe it or not, all you have to do is stop guessing and just ask the host if you can come. If you don’t know him/her, ask a friend to introduce the two of you. That’s all you have to do!

You might think that’s the end of this article, right? Wrong! After all, being forward with your request can be downright intimidating, and if you could do it, you would have already.

So, with that in mind, there are several other options that you need to use to ensure you get an invitation to the party – all without having to be straightforward.

1 – Buy/Create A Gift

If the party you want to go to is a birthday party, consider bringing a gift. After all, it’s the most effective way to be invited to the party. Be sure you purchase a tiny symbolic present (or, if you have the skills, make one). Show up to the place the party will be and give it to the host. Once there, you’re likely be invited to stay and partake in the fun.

Should things not work out the way you planned, you can always say you weren’t going to party tonight and just wanted to pay the host a visit and tell them Happy Birthday because you were in the neighborhood.

Keep in mind that the technique only works if you do know the host… even if they’re just an acquaintance.

2 – Arrange Coincidence

If the party is being held at a local club or bar, consider showing up at the same time. This makes it look inconspicuous that you’re actually trying to be invited to the party. It’s likely that while you’re having a drink at the bar, your friends will notice and invite you over to partake in the fun.

The technique can work even if you’re unfamiliar with the host but someone from the party knows you and will introduce the host and the other party members to you.

3 – Use A Car

In my previous articles, I mentioned the significance of using a car. However, I’m going over it once more. The idea is to use your car to pick up friends and bring them to the location where the party is being held.  It’s highly probable that your gesture gets you an invitation to the party.

4 – Show Some Curiosity

If you know the person putting together a party and they didn’t invite you, ask him/her some information about it:

– What kind of party event is it – birthday, anniversary, New Year’s, etc.

– When will it take place?

– Where will it be at?

– Who’s being invited?

Consider starting the conversation by saying something along the lines of: “Hey, I heard you were throwing a party”. By being curious about the party, the host may decide to invite you while you’re talking. If not, don’t be shy. Go ahead and ask if you can join in the fun.

Be aware… this will only work if you know the party host.

There you go! These are just some of the methods you can use to get invited to a party. If you think they’ll work for you, you can acclimate them into your personality or use them as is.

June 21st, 2013

Now the video is available!

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