How to Wake up Early

Waking up early is a stumbling-block for lots of people. Otherwise there would be no such tremendous (about 168 million results!) amount of web-pages on the Internet giving advice how to wake up early in the morning!

Most articles contain a number of tips for waking up early. However, I will focus on just one. I’m sure this is a key point. You can easily ignore other recommendations, and it will still work – you’ll be able to establish a habit of waking up early by applying this idea only. However, other tips will not work efficiently without the key one. Of course, you may manage to maintain the habit of waking up early in the morning for some period of time. But you’ll be getting back to the initial position.

So here it is. How to wake up early? The answer is simple: love what you do.

If you are passionate about your life you will wait for the next morning to come as soon as possible so you could continue doing what you love. That very moment you open your eyes in the morning (or your consciousness wakes up while your eyes still closed) a strong desire to start your day will kick in.

Though this thought is simple and so obvious, few of us manage to apply this advice into practice.

It takes determination and commitment to find, through trial and error, what you’re passionate about – what you really want to do in your life.

And it takes courage to admit that if you’re not doing what you love, you’re on the wrong path (perhaps, you’ve been following it for years!). The courage to stop coming up with notional excuses why you can’t dedicate your life (your only life) to doing what you really want to do.

How to Wake up Early Everyday

This is also the answer to the question how to wake up early everyday. The truth is that many people manage to wake up early on weekdays (in order not to be late for work), however, they tend to sleep in on weekends.

Needless to say — this pattern breaks the habit of waking up early you’ve established on weekdays.

However, if you find a true passion in your life, something you are eager doing every day, no days-off, you will begin considering sleeping as something you need in order to get more energy for doing work you love next morning (and not as an escape from reality).

Benefits of waking up early

If you’ve ever managed to wake up early, I’m sure you have noticed how much more time you get at your disposal, and how many things you get accomplished by the end of the day.

Regarding me, I love the feeling of inner peace and some kind of an advantage over other people I experience if I wake up really early in the morning (like 6-7, or even 5 am). The city is still sleeping; it’s like there’s nothing in the whole world except you and your work. And by time when everyone starts waking up you’ve already accomplished an important piece of it.

I usually do not have breakfast right off the bat. I may have a glass of water or a cup of coffee when I get up, but that’s just it.

I breakfast around 8-9 am. By this time I have a good appetite than immediately after I woke up. Moreover, the fact that I’ve already put a couple of productive hours into some meaningful activity makes me feel relaxed and more focused on the food I’m eating.

As a wake up alarm you may use a mp3 player or your computer. Set them to turn on at the specific time and start playing some inspirational song or video, which energizes you and motivates to embrace a new day.


I spent hundreds (even thousands) mornings looking for a reason why I must get up so early. Do you come up with artificial unnatural reasons to wake up in the morning too?

A lot of people are trying to use fear-based approach to waking up early. They use fear of being late for work, fear of being punished by boss. Well, you may use it too if you want to live the life of anxiety and resistance.

But isn’t this way much more difficult than building such a life, when you seek to start a new fulfilling day? Isn’t it more natural, healthier (and happier) way of living your life?

Find your passion, and you will not need to come up with a false pretense to wake up early anymore.

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