On Cheating and So Called “Male Nature”

As a woman, every time I hear an excuse justifying cheating, such as “polygamy is in male nature”, I get angry.

The thing is the men, who say that, only take a small part of their nature that suits them in this particular situation. What about the rest of it? What is in the male nature?

The male libido is so strong that a man will have an intercourse with any living creature. Starting from the most appropriate and ending with somebody that’ll just do, here and now. I suggest you look up statistics for such things as pedophilia, incest, rapes, etc., around the world. You’d be terrified to see the numbers.

For example, in a 1999 news story, BBC reported, “Close-knit family life in India masks an alarming amount of sexual abuse of children and teenage girls by family members, a new report suggests. Delhi organisation RAHI said 76% of respondents to its survey had been abused when they were children – 40% of those by a family member.”

Well, yes, you’re looking at the male nature as it is, not what you’ve made up in your mind.

From ancient times people knew there was no good in intercourses between related people. That’s why there were such thing as exogamy and taboos that prevented such undesirable blood mixture.

Why were these ancient societies forced to introduce these taboos? Simply because men would have sex with anyone. Literally anyone: one’s mother, sister, cousin, — it didn’t matter. These things do not matter for the true nature of male libido.

Culture has done a lot to push all of this away, but it’s still there.

Bare in mind, that in some ancient cultures incest wasn’t considered to be something wrong as some men don’t consider polygamy to be wrong, both things can be equally described as something that is in the “male nature”.

From the point of view of the modern values in our modern society, there are many dark and unpleasant things in our “animal” nature.

You may have as many women as you want, but don’t ever refer to your “male nature” as an excuse to your actions, if you don’t realize its scope.

by Kate

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