How To Dance At A Club

Like many other children, as a kid I was forced to participate in regular school dance contests. However, that was not any similar to an epic break dancing battle you may see in the movies or on TV.

Dressed in stupid costumes we had to make silly movements, i.e. “dance”. Moreover, you had to dance with a partner – usually a girl you didn’t like at all.

So after that childhood experience no wonder my immune system would detect anything related to dancing as the danger alert of the highest priority.

For a long time I studiously avoided any social event where dancing could be involved in one way or another. I was putting the most diligence in avoiding clubs – the places, in which the dance floor is considered to be the central element of the fun.

When I first ended up in a club, to my amusement I made an important conclusion: I had way too many false beliefs about the nightclubs. These places are not as dangerous as the socially awkward part of me preferred to think.

How to dance at a club

Dancing in a club has nothing to do with a stage dance which you could be involved in at school long ago.

You are free to choose your own style of dancing: move as you like in a pace which is comfortable to you.

You do not need to know the specifics of any particular style. You just combine what you saw in Youtube videos, or merely move your body in a way that feels natural to you.

If you do not have any dance school background, there’s nothing wrong. You can enjoy your time on the dance floor of a club without any bit of embarrassment.

Most of the guys have only one movement in their dance arsenal. In fact, if you’re a guy, it doesn’t matter how you dance. It only matters if you dance or not.

If you’re a guy, technically the social act of dancing is very simple to you. All you need to do is literally stand at one place, step left, then step right, then step left again, adding some light natural movements of your hands. That’s all.

Sometimes it seems that guys on the dance floor are just extras. “Who are the stars?” – you may ask then. Girls, of course! If you take a look at the regular dance floor you will probably notice that there are lots of girls there.

Also, quite often one girl is surrounded by 2+ guys while dancing.

Every girl on the dance floor wants to be the dancing queen of the night. Some shy guys may feel insecure about dancing particularly because of a potentially negative judgment from girls. However, girls are also more focused on their image on the dance floor, than yours, to be honest.

If you find enough courage to go out on the dance floor and start dancing, you won’t be labeled as a horrible dancer. You will rather come across as an outgoing person who loves, wants and can have fun. This is what you want, isn’t it?

Dancing will add more points to your social personality.

When I occasionally end up in a club, I may hesitate going dancing. But when I step out on the dance floor, I’m glad I’ve overcome the initial doubts and really enjoy the night.

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2 thoughts on “How To Dance At A Club”

    1. Drinking alcohol, of course, can help you “to relax”, “to loosen up”, but it can also have just a placebo effect. Do not overestimate its power to push you out onto the dance floor. In the end it is you who are required to show some courage and decide you go to dance, now or never! 😉

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