5 False Beliefs About Dancing In A Club Which May Keep You From Having Fun On The Dance Floor

Have you ever found yourself in a club watching other people dancing, but at the same time hesitating to join them?

Here are some common false beliefs that may keep you from having fun on the dance floor. Consciously acknowledging them as ones may help you to finally get on the floor next time you’re in a nightclub.

I MUST dance if I’m at a club

Probably, the most typical one. One of the reasons why socially awkward people may avoid going to a club is because they are sure they have to dance once they’re inside.

Of course, not. There’s no such rule. In fact, lots of club visitors spend all their night at the bar of the club. And they still get the same dose of fun as those who hit the dance floor.

I do not know how to dance

If you tend to dump your self-esteem, you may believe that you cannot dance. However… you can! You can dance even though you prefer to believe the opposite.

Dancing is an inborn form of human nature expression. I totally understand when you say “I feel shy”, or “I feel embarrassed when dancing”. But don’t say you don’t know how to! Even a child who cannot speak yet, can dance.

I look awkward when I’m dancing or I am a bad dancer

Each time you notice these thoughts circulating in your head, remind yourself: if you think you are a bad dancer, it does not mean you are a bad dancer.

As there’s no rule that you must dance in a club, there is also no rule by which you can be kicked away for horrible dancing. ;-)

The nightclub may define some dress rules, but when it comes to dancing – any style is welcome. The owners of clubs are interested in keeping the atmosphere of fun in their places. They do not expect every visitor to be an alumnus of a break dancing school. That’s for sure.

You need a few drinks before you can give yourself a permission to go to the dance floor

Justifying the act of dancing with being drunk is a widely used tactics.

If your inner child wants to dance, but your inner parent does not allow her/him to do so, the child may use “I’m drunk” state as an excuse to do what s/he wants.

Drinking alcohol, of course, can help you “to relax”, “to loosen up”, but it can be just a placebo effect. Do not overestimate its power to push you out onto the dance floor. In the end it is you who are required to show some courage and decide you go to dance, now or never!

Other people care how I dance

No, they do not. Because they are focused on how they dance. :-)

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One thought on “5 False Beliefs About Dancing In A Club Which May Keep You From Having Fun On The Dance Floor”

  1. I have been a concierge in Las Vegas for 20 years. You do not have to dance at a nightclub to have fun. I have had clients who have disabilities and cannot physically dance. I agree, for those that have stage fright, don’t! Drink up and let loose. Remember, chances are you will never see those people again. However, you may be seen on Youtube :)

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