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How To Become An Extrovert When You’re An Introvert

When we have always been an introvert, it is hard to shake the habit. It seems extroverts have plenty of fun though so here is how to become more of an extrovert instead…

Take Yourself Completely Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Introverts tend to stick to what they know. The shyness and lack of confidence and the potential for looking inward means we as introverts often don’t want to try new things in case they fail or mess it up.

Taking the opportunity to do something completely out of our comfort zones removes the potential to be an introvert and often forces us into showing the extrovert in ourselves. Trying out a new hobby that we would never have considered before, maybe even dipping our toes into the world of online dating with sites like iamnaughty giving us the opportunity to be a little cheekier than we normally are – there are so many things out there that we can do that are completely out of our own personal comfort zones.

Some much people much prefer their own company – and that’s okay if that is what you like – but if you’re wanting to become a little more extroverted, you need to put in the effort by trying some brand new things.

Fake It Until You Make It

It may sound silly but some people who seem really extroverted or confident are actually just really good actors and are perhaps even more introverted than you. Some people really struggle with being confident in themselves but can act the big ‘I am’ when in company – simply because they are pretending to play a role. Continue reading How To Become An Extrovert When You’re An Introvert

12 Facts About Introverts Every Extravert Thinks are True

1. Introverts have a shell (yes, that one they have to come out of)

A typical introvert according to a typical extravert:

introvert come out of your shell
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2. The real world scares introverts, they do not know how to survive there


3. Introvert is an emotionless machine lacking the skill of empathy

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The Point of No Return in Group Conversations

Group talks have distinctive unstructured chaotic nature and come across as one of the most challenging social interactions an introvert or a shy and socially anxious person may find her/himself involved into.

In this short article I would like to present you the idea of the point of no return in groups talks, and how it can harm or help you.

I regard myself as a introverted person. Still I’m very eager to participate in social interactions despite the excess of them leaves me completely drained of my energy.

Nevertheless, when you just meet up with your friends, you are fresh and anticipate that you’ll spend some really good time with them.

When the talk starts (or you join active one), it’s OK to spend a number of initial minutes to tune in to a vibe of the conversation. It’s fine to feel kind of tongue-tied in the beginning.

However, once you figured out the kind of discussion: its topic, its mood — you have like about 5 minutes at max to kick your two cents in.

If you miss that point, two unpleasant things start to unfold:

a) You begin getting nervous that you haven’t said anything yet. And that if you say something now it will look awkward after so much silence from your side;

b) Other people may start considering you as quiet, and will begin to ignore you (like making no eye contact with you).

The Point of No Return, though having a dramatic name, is not that fatal, of course. Missing it does not necessarily make you obliged to stay silent through the rest of the group conversation.

It’s more of a warning sign which may make it a bit harder for you to start talking once you’ve passed it.

A Computer Game About An Introvert

I decided to put my programming skills to good use and make a retro-style pixel-art computer game about a brave introvert. He fights against the evil Dr./Prof. Extravert who wants to convert all the people into extraverts (and rule the world, of course).
I’ve already implemented basic game features. Here’s an early screenshot. Plot, art and gameplay (as well as title) have yet to be polished. Please, support my game by sharing this post.

Brave Introvert computer game

Recharge It Now: 12 Proven Ideas to Quickly Recharge Social Energy after Intensely Practicing Interpersonal Skills for An Introvert

That’s the usual thing to experience energy drain for an introvert who puts a lot of effort in practicing his or her interpersonal skills.

Even highly positive social activities may leave you exhausted and eager to find ways how to relax your mind and recharge your social energies.

Moreover, when you’re learning something, whether it’s math or your goal is to improve your social skills, the thoughtful rest is as important as the practice.

If you live (or wish to live) a fulfilling social life, it is crucial to master the techniques which will let you get back in shape as soon as it is possible.

Here are the twelve credible recommendations which will give you a quick social energy boost.

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