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How To Dance At A Club

Like many other children, as a kid I was forced to participate in regular school dance contests. However, that was not any similar to an epic break dancing battle you may see in the movies or on TV.

Dressed in stupid costumes we had to make silly movements, i.e. “dance”. Moreover, you had to dance with a partner – usually a girl you didn’t like at all.

So after that childhood experience no wonder my immune system would detect anything related to dancing as the danger alert of the highest priority.

For a long time I studiously avoided any social event where dancing could be involved in one way or another. I was putting the most diligence in avoiding clubs – the places, in which the dance floor is considered to be the central element of the fun.

When I first ended up in a club, to my amusement I made an important conclusion: I had way too many false beliefs about the nightclubs. These places are not as dangerous as the socially awkward part of me preferred to think. Continue reading How To Dance At A Club