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How to Stop Caring About What Strangers Think About You

Have you ever kept yourself from doing something because you worried what other people around would think about you?

Perhaps, that was something as innocent as blowing your nose loudly in a cafe. Or you wanted to start a conversation with a girl in a bus, but got scared that other passengers would not approve your initiative. What if someone would consider you too annoying or impudent, right?!

To some degree, everybody is afraid to “lose face”. Unfortunately, sometimes we let this fear go way too far. Continue reading How to Stop Caring About What Strangers Think About You

Why It Is Important To Stop Pleasing Each and Everyone Around You

The idea of pleasing everyone around you may look quite appealing. Here’s the logic: the more people you please, the more they like you, the more secure you feel yourself in the end.

People’s loyalty serves you as a safety net in the human society. If you experience a setback in your life one day, you may count on some help from those, whose demands you satisfied back in a day.

Let’s use the business analogy: the more customers’ demands your company satisfies, the more money it makes, right? Then why it is wrong to try to please each and everyone around you? There’s one thing we forgot to take into consideration. Continue reading Why It Is Important To Stop Pleasing Each and Everyone Around You

Excuses Your Parents May Use To Keep You Home

Living with parents is perceived differently around the world. Some cultures consider it as the only way to be. Three (even four) generations living in one house, under one roof, is totally OK. So if you decide to leave the nest, be sure, this society will not approve it.

On the other hand, there are cultures in which a person who continues to live with his/her mom and dad after leaving school is seen as a loser.

Both are somewhat extreme examples. However, for many people it’s easier to divide the world in black and white parts than accept the fact that it consists of shades… shades of grey, fifty shades of grey! OMG, just kidding. All I want to say is that the world is full of colors, and the color you see depends on your viewpoint.

I think an intelligent individual must seek for what is beneficial to him/her in the first place. If it is beneficial for an adult son to live with his parents, – great. If it is beneficial for an adult daughter to leave her parents, – great.

However, I’m also sure that evolution made it clear: it wants all the children to become independent adults in the end. It expects that we are brought up by our parents, but then… It has also provided us with a wide range of instances in the animal world (for those who doubt that this is the right way to go).

If someone finds inexpressible harmony in living with parents AND demonstrates complete autonomy from them at the same time, that is great, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the real life shows us the opposite examples much more often.

This article is for those who sees moving out from parents home as a beneficial decision to him/her.

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Get Up Out Of Your Reading Chair

Get Up Out Of Your Reading Chair

The area of social communication implies that you interact with other human beings in order to improve your interpersonal skills.

Reading educational materials only, no matter how exciting and insightful it may seem, will not bring you any closer to having a fulfilling social life.

Watching videos on how to date girls, reading books on how to make conversations, participating in online discussion boards, visiting sites like this one may be helpful. However, if this is the only activity you focus on, you will hardly make any noticeable progress. Moreover, if you overdo it, it will become addictive.

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