My Reply to the doomed comments of Why You Can’t Get a GF post

Today I want to reply to some of the comments left to quite a popular post of mine called “32 Reasons Why You Can’t Get a GF“.

All those comments have a similar main point, so I decided to write a different post to give a reply to them altogether.

What is special about those replies is that  guys:

1. are sure that women are spoiled nowadays

2. they have no chance of getting a GF due to the argument given above, as well as due to some of their own drawbacks.

Some comments are written in a doomed way, using such words as ‘never’ and ‘forever’.

Well, guys, I don’t want to spend this cold Sunday morning trying to change your mind. I’m not going to motivate you in any way. And here’s why.

I won’t do all that, because I respect you. I respect you as a human being, who has its own Will and the Right of Choice.

You are grown-up people, you are adults, and I have no intention to criticize your choice, your decision.

I really hate when someone tries to dictate me his/her own opinion/viewpoint. I’m sure you do not like it either.

If you made a decision, and this decision does not hurt me or my interests, then why should I bother? (In fact, from the biological point of view, your decision to give up on dating women benefits my interests, because I, as a male, have more females available.)

Nothing is set in stone. Who said that someone needs a girlfriend? There’s a friend of mine… he lives fulfilled and, as I think, genuinely happy life without a GF.

It’s your life, and only you know how to live it. Does a lion ask any other animal how to act, how to behave? Of course, not.


2 thoughts on “My Reply to the doomed comments of Why You Can’t Get a GF post”

  1. I actually read your 32 reasons why article and I did learn something out of it. This struggle can be broken, and hell I also though I wouldn’t be able to put myself out there but slowly Im now learning that I actually can. When you talked about getting your own hands on experience it slowly got me to realize because I had asked 2 girls for their numbers that I can succeed in this struggle. I lack a lot in the confidence department but I’m for sure gonna keep trying and get more numbers.

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