How To Overcome Shyness: Three Easy Ways

Shyness can be a horrible affliction to have and it can strike us in the most awkward of places. Here are three easy ways to overcome shyness.

Put Yourself Out There

So many people in this world claim to be shy but can find their shyness being overcome through trying a few different things. Putting yourself out there needn’t be too scary – there are a variety of ways in which you could do this and hope to overcome your shyness.

Shy people are often lacking in confidence so times when it is best to try and bring someone out of their shell is when they have achieved something. Whether they have been nominated for something or even won something, this should give them a little boost of confidence and as this is usually paired alongside a speech of some description, makes them have to confront the situation head on. Some people who thought themselves quite shy are able to flourish in this situation as their confidence has been a little boosted by what they have achieved.

That isn’t to say that winning or being nominated for something is the only way to put yourself out there though. A great way is to meet new people – whether you choose to meet new friends through a shared hobby such as a book club or running or whether you choose to meet singles online and consider pursuing a relationship. Meeting new people means you have to be quite vocal – you need to tell them about yourself and make conversation – which is great for helping someone who is quite shy.

Imagine Everyone Naked

We’ve all heard this age old adage. It works for stage fright – and what is stage fright but a form of shyness? If meeting someone for the first time or preparing for a big speech and your shyness kicks in, imagine everyone naked and that they’re embarrassed to be naked – and you’ll be able to complete your conversation or speech with aplomb as you won’t have anything to feel shy about. After all, in your mind you’re the only one dressed correctly for the occasion!

There are a few similar ways to conquer shyness using the imagination but this is by far the most well known, most popular and possibly the most effective one too – after all, the majority of us have tried it haven’t we?

Practice, practice, practice

This is probably the most obvious but most important way to overcome shyness. Practice, practice, practice. But practice what?

Practice conversations with new people, practice making speeches in front of big crowds. Build up in confidence as you go. Maybe even try doing these in practical form too – go to the place of your hobby and start talking to someone new – your shyness may kick in but give it a try nonetheless as you probably wouldn’t have even approached them before. Take chances and stand up in front of that crowd and talk about something you’re passionate about. Head to a bar or create an online dating profile and take a shot on a new relationship – all of these require just that little bit of effort from you to do something a little out of your comfort zone. Why not give it a try next time?

Shyness can be a really horrible affliction for some – whilst some of us suffer from a moderate amount, others find it really has an impact on their day to day lives and stops them from doing many things. By taking these three steps to overcoming shyness, hopefully they can build up their confidence and no longer start to feel shy in the majority of social situations and activities – maybe they can start to enjoy things a little more rather than becoming quite bashful.

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