How To Become An Extrovert When You’re An Introvert

When we have always been an introvert, it is hard to shake the habit. It seems extroverts have plenty of fun though so here is how to become more of an extrovert instead…

Take Yourself Completely Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Introverts tend to stick to what they know. The shyness and lack of confidence and the potential for looking inward means we as introverts often don’t want to try new things in case they fail or mess it up.

Taking the opportunity to do something completely out of our comfort zones removes the potential to be an introvert and often forces us into showing the extrovert in ourselves. Trying out a new hobby that we would never have considered before, maybe even dipping our toes into the world of online dating with sites like iamnaughty giving us the opportunity to be a little cheekier than we normally are – there are so many things out there that we can do that are completely out of our own personal comfort zones.

Some much people much prefer their own company – and that’s okay if that is what you like – but if you’re wanting to become a little more extroverted, you need to put in the effort by trying some brand new things.

Fake It Until You Make It

It may sound silly but some people who seem really extroverted or confident are actually just really good actors and are perhaps even more introverted than you. Some people really struggle with being confident in themselves but can act the big ‘I am’ when in company – simply because they are pretending to play a role.

It can easily fool other people – we’ve all fell for it before with other people – so if you’re quite good at acting, it may be worth pretending to play a role and acting like an extrovert and really confident. Hopefully after a while of pretending, you will start to believe it for yourself and it will actually become true for you.

Many well known actors are actually quite introverted and prefer privacy and solitude – but you wouldn’t know it to look at them. Take on the role of your lifetime and it may even benefit you properly in the long run.

Recognise Certain Traits

If you are an introvert, you probably recognise certain traits within yourself. You tend to seek out times and places where you’ll be alone and you enjoy routine and keeping to set plans. Recognising these and knowing when you are being a little too introverted can actually help you to become a little more extroverted. Instead of taking yourself off to a quiet little corner, stay with a group of people and make polite conversation instead. Instead of keeping to routine, try a little spontaneity once in a while – you may even enjoy it!

Observe Others

While some famous actors are actually quite introverted as we mentioned before, some aren’t  and are extremely extroverted in their everyday life. Observing others in how they go about their lives, whether they are superstar famous or not, can help you identify certain extrovert traits that you may like to try.

It is important to note here that not everyone wants to become an extrovert – some simply just don’t want to be as introverted as they once were. However these are just a variety of ways in which people can start to change a little. By adapting some small things and making the very slightest of changes (such as choosing to stick with and work with a group rather than sidling off to be or work alone), we can work on boosting our confidence, becoming less shy and being less introverted than we usually are. After all, it can be lots of fun to be an extrovert some of the time, right?!

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