Homeostasis, and How to Overcome It

Homeostasis is the ability of a system to remain balanced. As many of life phenomens this one has two sides as well. From one point it helps to maintain an inner equilibrium despite the chaos of the external world. This ability provides high chance that a system will adapt and survive. If a system is not able to restore its balance, it may cease to function.

From the other hand this is the reason why it’s so hard for us to get new experience.

We tend to live in the most comfort way we can afford. We’re striving for it naturally. This means that every new experience that lies beyond the homeostasis zone is unwanted. It may destabilize the balanced system.

However, if you’re willing to change your life, it’s critical to get new experience now and then. This is when you need to go against the biological rules.

This is hard. If you’ve been living a homeostatic life for several years, your mind may resist anything new right off the bat. Even if the experience is a pleasant one, like a short-term travel to a nearby city, your mind can take it as a threatening event merely due to its foreignness.

I believe, you may easily come up with a couple of other example from your life, when you don’t take action on something you’d like to do. For example, you may want to check that new restaurant, but one by another excuses start to pop up, like the food may turn out not good enough. So you decide you better have dinner at the place you’ve been visiting for the last X years every weekend.

So how do you trick your brain? To do that consider reminding yourself, that the way you feel about getting new experience now (negative attitude) may be different from the way you feel about it after getting that new experience (positive attitude).

Lately I came up with an idea to watch Joker with Joaquin Phoenix in a movie theater. But I began hesitating if I should get the experience. I remember how some movies I watched before turned out a waste of time. So after the spark of interest to this new experience, I felt that I better stay home (in a comfort homeostasis). However, I used this technique and imagined that if the movie turns out good, then I’d have a dophamine rush and would be glad that I took this chance. This allowed my mind to get back to the positive view of this event.

I went to the cinema and did not regret it!

That’s a simple, but powerful example. If you wish, you can apply it to anything else you may want to experience, like traveling or going on a date.

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