Happy New Year!

So, the 31st of December, New Year’s Eve.

Had a lot of work to do today. Snowstorm started around the middle of the night, so had to shovel away some snow in the morning.

shovel snow

Given that the last night I stayed awake late to finally complete one of my computer games projects, I felt a little bit wonky while clearing the snow on the roof.


So, the game. It’s simple (a remake of another game actually), but I think it will bring you a couple minutes of fun. Its name is “The Two Defenders” and it’s a HTML5 game, which means you can run it in your internet-browser right here and right now, whether you use destop (PC, notebook, Mac) or a handheld device.

The Two Defenders HTML5 game by Everlasting Fantasy

There may be some minor issues depending on the browser or the device you use, but it’s completely playable. Although haven’t tested it on an Apple mobile device yet (I don’t have one), so you may be the first one to run it on iPhone or iPad. Please, let me know how it goes in the comment section!

It’s free to play, as I hope to make a buck with advertisement. Not much though: I was told to expect about $4 per a 1000 game sessions. Anyway, it will depend on the click-through-rate.

And now it’s time for New Year Wishes! A new year is about to begin (at least in my timezone), and I wish you persistence and patience on your chosen path. If you don’t have one, wish you to find it through trying and doing. You will definitely encounter a lot of sceptics, cynics and haters along the way. Just remember, that it’s unavoidable price for success. The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on, he-he.

Happy New Year, guys!

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