Dark Obsessive Thoughts

Dark obsessive thoughts are those which make you feel as a bad person. Even as a horrible person sometimes. A classic example: you see a knife and imagine that you take it and stab someone with it.

When this thought strikes you (like the lightning among the blue sky), you get shocked and scared. “What was that?! What the heck?! Why do I imagine it? Do I want to stab other people? No, no, of course not! But why do I imagine that? I’m so ugly human :(…”

Sounds familiar, right?

On top of that, dark thoughts, especially those, which you get shocked with, those that you’re really afraid of, they become obsessive. Next time you see a knife, the dark thought blasts again!

So is there an efficient way to fight these kind of thoughts? No! There’s not!

However, I would not start this article, if I didn’t have anything helpful to say.

The trick with a dark obsessive thought is that you must not resist it. No matter how hard you punch it in its disgusting face, the thought will punch you back 10x harder. You gonna lose in this battle for sure.

The only thing you can do (and the only one efficient, in fact) is to let them be.

If you change your attitude towards them, they will bother you no more than other random thoughts, and eventually they will fade away like the morning fog under the firt rays of rising sun 😉

To change this god damn attitude just realize that bad thought does not make you a bad person.

The dark thought is just a thought. Lots, no, all the people have dark thoughts now and then.

It’s not your fault that you’ve got them. There may be tens of reasons why you have them at this moment: you may be tired, you may be anxious, you may be pissed off.

Dark thoughts do not characterize you as a flawed person, nor will they trigger any action, picture of which they brought to your imagination.

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