COMING OUT as… an Introvert

What does “come out” mean? If you’ve never met this definition before, shortly, it’s an act of revealing someone’s sexual identity publicly.

You probably know cases when some celebrity or famous youtuber admitted publicly, that s/he is gay. That is it. Also, it may be less noticeable, when a member tells to the rest of her/his family about sexual orientation.

Although, I’m a person of traditional sexual tastes, I imagine how difficult (and sometimes, dangerous) coming out may be, and how much courage it takes.

Extrapolating this particular kind of “come out” to a wider specter, obviously, it is never easy to say anything out loud, when that what you’re talking about confronts with conservative views and beliefs.

How is it all connected to introversion?

Lately, I was reflecting on my career path, its future, and my professional opportunities. What really bothers me is that according to most, if not all job opportunities requirements I’ve ever seen, you have to be an extravert.

This requirement may be met under different names, like “Advanced social skills”, “Team player” or simply, “Communicative’. But the point is the same: If you’re an extravert, you’re lucky; if you’re an introvert – pretend to be an extravert.

Damn it! Does not it smell like discrimination?

I must admit, that I’m a bit overwhelmed and surprised by this fact. I never thought of this job requirement from this angle before, and usually I felt disappointed after looking through vacancies.

I was disappointed by myself, because I felt like it was my fault: I don’t excel at that “social” requirement, but I have to. I’m not a team player, because in the past I was usually manipulated by other team members, but I have to. And so on and so forth.

In fact, every time I look for a job, I feel like not fitting it. And my professional knowledge and experience are not always the reason for this feeling.

The “team player” (or whatever it is called) job requirement implies that every day of my work life, I have to say sorry that I’m an introvert. Or better, conceal this fact by all means.

What if I come out as an introvert at my workplace?

What if people find out that I prefer working alone for the whole week with minimum amount of communication via email and just showing up in the office for a weekly briefing?

“What a shame! You lied to us! You’re cannot play in team. You’re fired and forever exiled from the whole human society!”

Do I catastrophize it? Yes. Is it my fault? No.

What’s really going on is that (HR) managers simply do not want to take any responsibility for building a friendly ecosystem, where each employee of the company, does not matter of which Myers–Briggs Type, feels valuable and respected.

I’m kind of tired of this shit. What the hell?!

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