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How to Stop Caring About What Strangers Think About You

Have you ever kept yourself from doing something because you worried what other people around would think about you?

Perhaps, that was something as innocent as blowing your nose loudly in a cafe. Or you wanted to start a conversation with a girl in a bus, but got scared that other passengers would not approve your initiative. What if someone would consider you too annoying or impudent, right?!

To some degree, everybody is afraid to “lose face”. Unfortunately, sometimes we let this fear go way too far. Continue reading How to Stop Caring About What Strangers Think About You

Social Anxiety Survey Results

Some time ago I arranged a survey at my web-site. It was related to social anxiety issues. The survey consisted of 15 questions, and was taken by 40 people.

My initial plan was to create a motivational infographic wallpaper, but unfortunately, I didn’t think it through very well. It appeared to be that the results of the survey are not very convenient for being represented as “motivational wallpaper”. Still, I found a person who managed to convert them into an infographic picture. I hope my readers will be interested in the survey’s results.

Social Anxiety Infographic Survey Results