Building Up Your Confidence When Dating

When dating, it can sometimes be a little baffling to us as to why someone is interested in dating us. Here’s how to build up your confidence and know what you deserve.

Find Someone With Similar Interests

When dating, it can be a big confidence boost if you find someone who is into similar stuff to you. We often find it hard to talk to others about topics we are not quite so knowledgeable about so it is always handy if we meet someone who knows a thing or two about something we are passionate about and are also able to hold a conversation.

Passion for something will often take over and your shyness gets put to one side as you reason as to why you feel this particular way or that way. Knowing that someone is interested in what we have to say is great for the ego.

Get A Little Naughty

Dating can mean a few different things. You can be dating someone exclusively or just dating – not dating anyone in particular but keeping your options open. A great way to get a confidence boost is by dating a few different people at a time. This is not to say do it behind their backs – actually make it clear from the offset that you are interested in going on dates with a few different people.

Knowing that a few different people find you both attractive and interesting enough to spend some time with has to be good for the ego, doesn’t it? Using a website like to find people who are looking for something similar may be of use. This enables you to find like minded individuals who may also not want to date someone exclusively. The confidence boost you can get from knowing multiple people find you great is fantastic!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Our confidence often sky rockets if we manage to achieve something – especially if we achieve something despite us facing some difficulty. It is important to get out of our comfort zones sometimes and this is just as possible when dating. A meal out at a restaurant, a picnic, heading to the cinema to see a move – all are tried and tested date ideas but we’ve all done them multiple times.

Trying something different will keep the energy flowing and if we manage to get through it despite potentially being terrified, it can be great for our egos. Perhaps consider heading to a theme park and getting on the scariest ride or perhaps try out some extreme sports. If you manage to get through it all, you’ll not only feel great for achieving it but it will also make you look extremely good in your date’s eyes – as as if you fear nothing!

Ask Questions

If done without sounding too needy, a great way to overcome shyness and build up our confidence is to find out exactly why people are interested in us as either a friend or perhaps something more. Every human is too hard on themselves and can’t ever understand why someone is interested or attracted to them – so why don’t we just ask them every once in a while?

Finding out exactly what it is that attracted them in the first place can lead to us looking at ourselves in a completely different light and making us feel a little better in ourselves – and what could be a better confidence boost than that?

Dating itself, whether we are dating exclusively or casually, can be a great confidence boost for both men and women. Putting ourselves out there and spending time getting to know new people and trying new things can only be a good thing for both us and them and we should try to do it more often.

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